• What is the Tour of Clarin's Oviedo?

    The best of universal literature has always contributed to immortalizing cities of all times and places, perhaps because, as Socrates stated in Phaedrus after declaring himself a lover of learning, "the people in the city have something to teach me, but the fields and trees won't teach me anything". In fact, Western literature commences perpetuating a city, its people and its destiny, the legendary Troy (Ilion in Greek), and does so from the very title itself, The Iliad.

    In their journey through a writer's fantasy, actual cities imbue literary works with the radiance and shadows of their soul. On the return journey, these works justly give back the same in compensation to the cities of flesh and stone, fusing themselves forever in the soul of these cities and their inhabitants.

    The Tour of Clarin's Oviedo which the traveller finds here is a tour of today's Oviedo, created with meticulous spherical photography of some of the most important places in the Vetusta inhabited by the characters from La Regenta. It is also, however, an introduction to La Regenta and the figure of its author through the actual city frequented by the literary characters created through the imagination of Leopoldo Alas ‘Clarín'.

    The Tour of Clarin's Oviedo is thus not a street map or a virtual map of the Internet era for navigating through the centre of the capital of the Principality of Asturias… although it will also be useful for this purpose, too. The Tour of Clarin's Oviedo is an invitation to simultaneously and interchangeably wander through the squares and streets of the Oviedo to be found in

  • What is the Tour of Clarin's Oviedo?

    Vetusta and of the Vetusta to be found in Oviedo, following the route each traveller wishes to build according to their interests, curiosities or desires.

    Moreover, and this is a very important difference, the traveller will stroll through Clarin's Oviedo and will be able to extensively visit the interiors of architectural jewels of Asturian heritage, such as Oviedo Cathedral, matchlessly accompanied by renowned guides, some of the university specialists who are best acquainted with La Regenta, the figure of Leopoldo Alas ‘Clarín' and the city's history.

    In fact, those responsible for the literary and historical contents of this website are Antonio Fernández Insuela, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Oviedo, Gregorio Torres

    Nebrera, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Extremadura, and Miguel Calleja Fuerta, Lecturer in Histographical Science and Techniques at the University of Oviedo. The fact sheets illustrating the virtual tour were written by Antonio Fernández Insuela.

    The Tour of Clarin's Oviedo thus situates the places, streets, squares, signs, facts and some knowledge about Clarin's Oviedo and the Vetusta to be found in Oviedo. Although, as in Italo Calvino's invisible cities, each visitor must build their own tour within their own inner city. Nonetheless, if a stranger's feet leads them to Oviedo for the first time after having followed and frequented the Tour of Clarin's Oviedo, they will no longer come as a mere outsider, but as a well-versed traveller returning to a city to stroll its streets, squares, parks and some of its most

  • What is the Tour of Clarin's Oviedo?

    iconic buildings once again. For those fortunate enough to enjoy Oviedo on a more or less regular basis, the Tour of Clarin's Oviedo will give them the opportunity to see and explore a different city from the one they experience on an everyday basis.

    Vicente Dominguez García

    University of Oviedo