• Credits

    The Ruta Clariniana is an action by the Campus of International Excellence Asturias "Ad Futurum", produced and developed by the University of Oviedo.

    This project has been developed with funding by the Town Council of Oviedo.

    Overall project management

    Campus or International Excellence and Office of the Vice-Rector for University Extension and Communication, University of Oviedo

    Technical project management

    University of Oviedo Centre for Innovation

    Web production and virtual tour

    University of Oviedo Centre for Innovation

    University of Oviedo Audio Visual Services

    Digital content production and testing centre (Digital Professionals)

    Idea and overall coordination

    Vicente Domínguez García, University of Oviedo

    Coordination of literary content

    Leopoldo Sánchez Torre, Lecturer in Spanish Literature at the University of Oviedo

    Literary content

    Antonio Fernández Insuela, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Oviedo

    Gregorio Torres Nebrera, Professor of Spanish Literature at the University of Extremadura

    Miguel Calleja Puerta, Lecturer in Historiographical Science and Techniques at the University of Oviedo

  • Credits

    Isabel Ruiz de la Peña González. Professor of Art History at the University of Oviedo

    Technical coordination of the project

    Secundino José González Pérez, Aquilino Adolfo Juan Fuente

    Graphic web design

    Jorge Lorenzo Diseño y Comunicación Visual

    Web photography and photographic coordination of the virtual tour

    José Ferrero Villares

    Virtual tour photography

    Marcial Gómez Martín, Javier Fernández Ovies e Ignacio González García

    Virtual tour technician

    Ignacio González García

    Graphic design technician

    Manuel Palomino Arjona

    Audio visual technician

    Marino Rodríguez Gallastegui

    English translation

    Paul Barnes

    Coordination of web development

    Daniel Jesús Fernández Fernández

    Website programming

    Jose Carlos Fernández Cañas, Enrique Fernández Rodríguez

    Scripting and CSS layout

    Roberto Cancio González

  • Credits

    Web content management

    María Vinjoy Teruel

    Systems technicians

    Kilian Pérez González, Daniel Hernández Díaz